Saturday, May 7, 2011

Who Stop Us Sporting

People do not born with labor, but they have the talent of sporting. Millions of years ago, we ran in the grasslands. Early morning dew, rising sun, soft grass, gorgeous flowers, all of our partners, we witness the story. We get food by running, enjoy lives by running. Be mature in the process of running, and get families members.
When we were young, sit up as long as we want to go, as long as can go, we wanted to run. We are doubt about anything new and many fantastic things around. Seemingly aimless movement, but they help the development of our brains, so that we thrive.
Movement of human nature is human nature running and instinctive! Human naturedly loves sports.
However, an adult, why do we think the sport has become very difficult to do? For any kinds of sports, it is like a psychological war?
Because our education, so that we are affected. Jesus was killed in the cross, and then human beings get liberation. This fable illustrates the image of our education that joy comes from the efforts after the liberation of salvation from the pain. Success always come from strong will, from overcoming problems. We have accepted this attitude, we always thought that exercise is painful, movement is to insist, exercise is fatigue, muscle movement is torture, sport harvest of happiness is a reward for us to suffer. Just like this, no positive feedback, no award of happiness, the only thing is painful pressure and stick. How can we can start to exercise and continue?. As long as there is an excuse, there is a reason. So the originally happy thing, such as relax bodies, retreatment, stretch our arms and legs, enjoy the fantastic of natural, was changed. Have you seen any kids have the request of running speed; do they have any pressure when running? If you can take charge of the conversion of happiness and little pain, do not really want to achieve anything, do not do excessive, just do sports with no pressure, no goals, you will be happy at any time, you can enjoy the human being's natural movement. The original target set, but one stepping stone only. We are happy from the movement of naturally occurring, rather than from the movement to find pain. Just do it if you would like, all the rhythm is in charge of you.
Sports are human nature, their homes, this should be our sports and entertainment field. However, the city had the stadium car park which had replaced the natural grounds. It is not so easy for us to play anywhere around the house or working place. But Sunset of the field running; warm Japan-China Soccer Street has gone. And problems come when thinking about where to start, who will play with. How can we find that we are really there and find out nature being features by sporting?

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