Saturday, May 7, 2011

Giving Back Via "The Loop" through golf

The Loop
A loop is a closed, circular shape, and a powerful symbol. In fact, humans have used the loop throughout history to represent continuity. In our case, that connection is charity—life is one big loop. In other words, we get what we put in and the focus of our charity section here at My Crazy Caddie is about giving back to the community as much as we possibly can.

Since golf is such an important part of our culture, many organizations and individuals use it as a platform for giving back. Common examples include all of the celebrity golf tournaments that take place all over the country throughout the year. The only problem we see is that while some of these events receive a tremendous amount of attention, far too many of these charity efforts receive not enough.

The Loop is one way we can help to change that. For starters, we can use it to "get the word out" about charity golf tournaments and other important golf events. Then, we can use it to spotlight the individuals and the organizations that are out there in the trenches. These people are doing amazing work in the golf world, and they're redefining what giving back means. The Loop is also a simple yet effective opportunity just to say thank you.

We want the Loop to be a success but it can't be that on its own. The Loop is just a platform, and if it is going to matter, it'll be because the golfers here at My Crazy Caddie use it to make a difference. So are you ready to do your part and "put in"? Here's how you do it:

* Use the Loop to post any charity golf tournaments. These don't need to be "your" tournaments. If it's out there and the community doesn't know, let the Loop be your mountaintop.

* Keep an eagle eye out in your community for the people who are using the sport we love to make a difference. When you find them, submit them to us, and let us do our part to shine the light that they deserve.

If each of us takes a few moments of our free time to participate, we can make the Loop into something special, and do our part to give back. We look forward to the golfing community embracing the Loop just as much as we have. Thank you for your time.

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