Saturday, May 7, 2011

Make most of your hockey fever

We today live in a time when irrespective of national and international boundaries, one or the other sport has become a way of life rather than being an activity meant for recreation. While a part of the world is home to soccer fanatics, another part of the globe remains drenched in the colour of cricket. Such is the following of theses sports that the fans seem to follow it as a religion. If you find it hard to believe, simply switch on your television sets to feel the pulse of the crowd as they cheer for their favourite teams to beat the rivals. The sport suddenly becomes a matter of great importance, much more grave than even the question of life and death. Such is the fever among the fans.

Hockey is another sport that is soon coming to the limelight. Not that it is weak in any respect, but the kind of recognition that the hockey players are awarded with, it ranks somewhat lower than the respect meted out to the so called higher sports. But changing times has brought winds of positivity. With more and more funds flowing in to the game, it has begun gathering the attention of the masses. Moreover, the National Hockey League is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that the message of ‘Hockey is for everyone’ is driven home and well accepted by one and all. For this purpose they have initiated special ambassador programs that help to create awareness about this sport and highlight the importance of this sport in the life of every young person. Also, NHL makes sure that it encourages all forms of hockey including ice hockey and street hockey so that the generation today can have a positively channelized outlet for all their aggression and excessive energy which if remains untapped could prove detrimental to the society or the individual himself.

But it would be an honest confession that the times have not come so far that the masses have been moved enough so as to promptly but tickets for an international hockey match. The game has not achieved such respectable heights yet. But then, it is not a point to be disappointed about. The main objective of NHL is to promote the sport and incorporate it into the routine and lifestyle of the generation. So this purpose is somewhat achieved by promoting online viewership. Anyone who has the privilege of having access to the internet can watch matches at their computer screens and enjoy the matches live as well. What is more is that the people who chose to watch matches online can feel the pulse of the fans by interacting with other users who have logged on to view the same match and discuss with them what they think of the game at all points. So why not log in to your account and take the advantage of sitting in the comfort of your home and enjoying the feel of the playground.

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